Henedy had several appearances in different feature films, but it wasn’t until he starred in “Ismailia Rayeh Gay” that his efforts effectively saw the light and pushed his career forward. “Kamananna” the song featured in the movie encouraged Henedy to integrate songs in many of his films later on.

The following year in 1998, Henedy starred in another big success “Sa’eedi fil Gama’a el Amrekeya,” whose memes are still shared today.

Gradually, Henedy built his success towards the late 90’s and was already influencing the comedy of the Egyptian cinema. Today, he is an iconic comedian in Egypt and the Arab region, with a rich list of films in his portfolio.



On TV, Henedy outshined himself with the great achievements his dedication was leading him to. He took part in “Inta A’amel Eh,” which marked the beginning of successful sitcoms in Egypt. He hosted a TV program and appeared as Jury in another. He also starred in renowned TV series and earned best-actor awards for some of them.



Henedy recently made a huge stage comeback after 16 years of absence in theatre. “Talat Ayam Fi El Sahel” broke the records in Arab theatre, and the numbers reached EGP 1 million in 3 nights only. The play continues to tour in the Gulf region and later in the United States.

His share in theatre began from small appearances and later reached big productions that toured the world. He first performed in “Doctor Zaatar” where producers and directors recognized his talents and asked him to participate in other celebrated plays, such as “Hazemny Ya” which proved to be a smash hit back then, besides many others.



Henedy has always fancied working for radio and dubbing studios, and inspired by his love for kids’ entertainment, he spoke for many cartoon characters, that his voice became popular and easily recognized today.