About Mohamed Henedy

“I made an agreement with people: Whenever you see me perform, I’m going to make you laugh.”

Henedy has taken his relationship with his audience beyond one movie or one appearance. It’s a lifelong commitment that has always been guiding his choices to deliver what matters most.

Henedy’s life has been all about acting. Being very selective about the topics, scripts and characters he takes part in, he has found his personal recipe to success, that a publication in The Wall Street Journal named him “Robert De Niro” of the Middle East.

He was still studying at the Institute of Cinema when director Youssef Chahine discovered his talents and offered him a minor role in “Iskandariyya Leh” in 1979, then in “Iskanderiyya Kaman Wi Kaman” in 1990.

He kept his distance from tragedy or drama roles, turning his focus on comedy into an expanding success that challenged him to step up the game every time.

In his leisure time, Henedy loves to hunt, travel, write and most importantly spend time with his family.