• Egyptian Cinema Oscar Festival

    Henedy won “Best Actor” award for the TV series “Ramadan Mabrouk Abul Alamein Hamouda” - 2008.
  • Arab Academy for Science Technology & Maritime Transport

    Henedy won a shield award for his movie “Amir El Bahar” - 2009.
  • Arab Social Media Influencers

    Based on audience votes, Henedy won the award for best Arab Social Media Influencer - 2018.
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I made an agreement with people: Whenever you see me perform, I’m going to make you laugh.”

Henedy has taken his relationship with his audience beyond one movie or one appearance. It’s a lifelong commitment that has always been guiding his choices to deliver what matters most.

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04 Sep


Since his early school days, Henedy was known in the family, the class and the neighborhood to have a strong funny bone. His behavior was a show by itself, for he always spread joy and made people laugh.
03 Sep


For fun, Henedy joined the drama club at the school where he was studying law. There, he discovered his real passion for acting and quit law school to join Cairo’s Higher Institute of Cinema.
02 Sep

Success Stories

Throughout his career, Henedy had been selective about the roles he played. Always looking for novelty in a story, concept or character, he made highly successful works, such as “HazemnyYa” in theatre, “Ramadan Mabrouk Abul Alamein Hamouda” in TV and “Hamam fi Amesterdam” in cinema, to mention a few.
01 Sep

Latest News

Henedy turns a new page in his comedy career and ventures into his first standup world tour after a series of cinema, TV and theatre successes.

Tour Dates

Coming soon. Stay Tuned!